Do you want to travel the World with your Students? Use 3D Pictures from around the World to Structure Interesting Writing and Speaking Tasks Using "360 cities".

Globalization and glocalization (global vs local) studies have become an important part of preparation for the future. We want our students to know more about the world through culture studies, history, geography, economic trends and foreign language studies.
This site will help you combine it all. Using special panoramic pictures from all over the world, students can explore different places and monuments around the world, make comparisons, research and play all while writing in English.
If you have VR glasses, students can enjoy virtual tours! 

Watch this tutorial to learn more about 360 Cities.

Here are some activity ideas for EFL teachers:
1.   Visit the Hongkou market in Shanghai, how is this market different from the market that we have in our city?
2.   Visit the beach of Vaia Formosa in Brazil. Note five interesting things that you see on the beach.
3.   Observe the Spanish Synagogue in Prague, what are some of the colors that you see? Which color is the most dominant one? How is it different than the synagogues that you know?
4.   Find the cats in the following set of pictures from all over the world:
5.   Explore pictures in this collection of pictures from Sweden, what new things have you learned about Sweden just by looking at the pictures?

6. Have students record the screen, practice speaking skills and prepare a virtual tour where they narrate everything they see and explain things to interested "tourists". This could be a great project students can do and actually upload and share with an authentic audience. 

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